There is new hope and a helping hand ready to reach out to Florida’s veterans in need.


Project Help, an all-volunteer veterans’ aid organization that first opened its doors in New Jersey in 2016 opened a  new chapter in Jacksonville, Florida in May.


Founder and CEO of Project Help Sandy Mitchell is cautiously optimistic that this first new venture will prove successful…one step at a time. “PHFL is our first out of state operation and we have great hopes and aspirations for it as our pilot project.  With a trustworthy partner in Florida we can feel a level of comfort and confidence that things will not drift in a different direction but will remain laser focused on our mission to serve the veteran population wherever we are located,” she said.

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One important reason for her confidence in the new chapter of Project Help is the management team. The driving force behind the team of Project Help Florida is Kyle Mitchell, Director of Operations, Michael Coelho, Director of Marketing and Erica Carmichael, Board Secretary.


Kyle Mitchell, Sandy's grandson, is a former CPL in the United States Marine Corps. He is passionate about photography and graphic design and began putting his talents to work early in the foundational stages of Project Help New Jersey. He will be leading the team of Project Help Florida with an aim to reach the state’s widespread homelessness population along with any other struggling veterans in the area. 


“Project Help had a national goal in mind, right from the get go,” Sandy explained. “When Kyle relocated to Florida and asked me about opening a chapter there it seemed like a natural fit since he was a part of the formation of PHNJ. So of course, I said yes.”  


 Mitchell shares that same confidence in the other PHFL team members.


Coelho, a graduate of Grand Valley State University, holds a bachelor degree in business administration and marketing. He hopes to use his education to establish Project Help as a strong and viable resource to any veterans in need in Florida. 


For Carmichael, a former LCPL in the United States Marine Corps, the issue of struggling veterans in America is one she doesn't take lightly. Carmichael aims to help spread awareness of the issue along with working hand in hand to help benefit those going through tough times.


Project Help was incorporated as a nonprofit, 501c3 in early 2016. Its original mission was to serve the homeless veterans in northern New Jersey. Since its inception, Project Help has been able to expand its services to include such things as financial support (for qualified hardship cases) and legal assistance.


“Project Help has a vast array of partners who can cover just about every type of need our veterans and their families face,” said Mitchell. “We also have a presence in central and southern New Jersey and at times, can make referrals to other states.”


One of the major initiatives for PHNJ in 2018 was job/career placement as well as housing. A good many of the veterans being served are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Others suffer from disabilities that limit them in many ways, especially as it relates to working in the civilian world. Project Help works one on one with these former military members on a multitude of issues such as unemployment, underemployment, financial hardships, legal issues, and more.


For more information on Project Help Florida, to donate or to get involved contact Kyle Mitchell at To reach Project Help NJ, contact Sandy Mitchell, 973-875-2068 or email or visit the website at