NEWTON, N.J. — Family and friends of the 15 Little Miss, Little Mister and Miss Newton contestants gathered at Project Self-Sufficiency building on the evening of Friday, June 9 at 5:30 p.m. At the end of the event, the votes were cast and the winners selected. The 2018 Little Miss Newton winner is Ishtar Jaoudy. The 2018 Little Mister winner is Noah Osborne, the 2018 Miss Newton is Hannah Squires and the Runner Up is Emily Herring.

The Master of Ceremonies and Town Manager, Thomas S Russo Jr. opened the event.

Russo recognized the 2017 Little Miss Newton Winner, Emily Rossi, Little Mister Newton Winners, Ian Dodd and Alexander Avila and Miss Newton Winner, Lisa Qarmout, as well as the Newton Town Council, Newton Recreation Commission members, and sponsors such as Service Electric cable TV of NJ, Inc., who filmed the event, All Access Staging, Giant Gymnastics, Gravity Design Works, Newton High School AG Shop, who provided the flowers for the winners, Salon Fig, Project Self-Sufficiency, and Sussex County Technical School’s bake shop who provided the treats.

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The judges for this years’ competition were then introduced:

  • Hannah Lozaw, Sussex County Chamber of Commerce
  • Amelia Macchietto, 2015 Miss Newton Winner
  • Deena Marie Smith, VP, First Hope Bank

There were 15 contestants in all; eight for Little Miss Newton, four for Little Mister Newton and three for Miss Newton.

Little Miss Newton contestants went first. Bailey Broesler, Kodi Broesler, Annabelle Butterfield, Addison DeRoma, Elianna Michele Dybus, Ishtar Jaoudy, Bailey Meyers, and Alexa Nogueira, were each escorted to seats on the stage and the asked one by one to stand by Russo and answer three questions. The questions were:

  • What is your favorite place to go in Newton and why?
  • What is your best friend’s name and what do you like to do together?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bailey Broesler said she liked the pool and Kodi wants to be a vet, Annabelle likes the green to play tag and wants to be a chef, Elianna wants to be a cheerleader and Addison, Ishtar and Alexa each like to learn in school. Ishtar wants to be a nurse just like her mom when she grows up, as does Bailey Meyers who likes to make slime with her best friend.

The four boys, Quinn McCully, Derek Nogueira, Noah Osborne, and Aiden Thoresen went next, answering the same questions from Russo. Quinn likes going to school to see his friends and wants to be a scientist, Derek likes the library and wants to become a police officer. Noah likes going to the park and playing tag and wants to be president one day, while Aiden likes going to the pool and also wants to be a police officer.

A brief intermission was taken so the results could be tallied before the contestants for the Miss Newton portion of the night came to the stage. Cookies shaped like crowns and dresses were made by the Sussex County Technical School’s bake shop and donated for the event.

The three candidates were each escorted separately. Emily Herring was first, escorted by her father, then came Hannah Squires who was escorted by her brother, and then was Elenora Vega, escorted by her cousin, Victor.

Each candidate was asked the following four questions:

  • What is your greatest memory of growing up in the Town of Newton and why?
  • If you were to be remembered for one thing what would it be?
  • What new program would you like to see come to our town and what is the benefit of it?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Herring started it off, saying her favorite memory was working with the fifth graders to paint inspirational rocks and carry them and disperse them all over the world through travel and such. She wanted to be remembered for her theater shows and wanted a program centered on being more eco-friendly brought to the town.

Squires was second. She is a 2017 graduate of Newton High School. Her favorite memories including spending a lot of her time with her family and friends. She wants to be remembered for her kindness and service to others. If a program could be brought to Newton, she would like it to focus on helping the youth stay out of trouble, and giving them something to do after school.

Vega was the final contestant. She said her greatest memory was meeting her current best friend, who she met in second grade and is still friends to this day with. She wants to be remembered for giving back to her community and helping kids and she would like a program in town that would offer reading to kids of all ages in Newton.

After a brief vote tally and a word from Russo about upcoming events, the results were in. The 2018 Little Miss Newton winner was Ishtar Jaoudy. The 2018 Little Mister winner was Noah Osborne, the 2018 Miss Newton Runner Up was Emily Herring, and the 2018 Miss Newton winner was Hannah Squires.

The 2017 winners came forward to bestow on the new winners the crowns and sashes. Rossi helped put Jaoudy’s crown and sash on her, while Dodd gave Osborne the scepter and sash, and Qarmout helped Squires put her crown and sash on too.

Jaoudy is seven years old. She is in second grade at Merriam and scored a 5/5 in all academic areas on her report card for the third marking period. She chooses to eat healthy and gets creative when making her snacks. She likes to exercise, ride her bike, scooter, walk her dog, and go hiking with her family. She has been a consistent soccer player for four years with Newton United and enjoys swimming at the YMCA all year round, as well as the Newton Pool in the summer.

Osborne is a “lovable” six year old who is finishing up his kindergarten year at Merriam. Highlights of his school year include learning how to read and making new friends. When he is not busy learning, he enjoys playing soccer and has scored 10 goals so far this season. He loves being a big brother and playing video games. His favorite food is mac n’ cheese and he is looking forward to going camping this summer.

Squires is 19 and “has a heart for service.” She is currently attending Sussex County Community College and will be graduating a semester early in January 2019. She works at Bristol Glen as a dining server and loves interacting with the residents daily. In her free time, she can be found hanging out with her friends and her favorite hobby is playing the guitar. She graduated from NHS last year and was blessed to have been the president of the National Honor Society her senior year. Her heart is found in the youth group at her church, Christian Faith Fellowship, and she is often there serving in the youth group and worship band. She wants to thank god for always guiding her steps, her family for their constant love and support and her friends for always having her back. She wished the best to all the contestants.

Little Miss Newton, Little Mister Newton, and Miss Newton were required to be at Newton Day this year and are invited to numerous events throughout the year such as the Holiday Parade, Annual Tree Lighting, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, and many others.