Sparta Nursery and Garden Center is ready to help you bring spring to your yard.  Phone or email your order for pick up beginning Monday.  An order called in between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. will be ready for pick up between noon and 3 p.m. 

“We appreciate your understanding as we try to do our best to prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout the community,” owner Danah Van Wingerden said.

Call: 973-729-9400
Email: (an email confirmation will be sent when your order is ready for pick up)

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Currently offering:

Mulch: 3 Cubic Feet Natural $5.99 each, Black $6.99 each, Red $6.99 each, Brown $6.99 each, Chips $6.99 each Buy 9, get the 10th bag free 

Pine Bark: 2 Cubic Feet Nuggets $6.49 each, Mini Nuggets $6.49 each 

Peat Moss 2.2 CF $9.99 each 

Stone: Large and Small White $5.99 each, Red $5.99 each 


Soil: Potting Miracle Gro 8 QTS $5.99 each, Miracle Gro Potting 1 CF $9.99 each, Miracle Gro Potting 2 CF $15.99 each, Miracle Gro Moisture 1 CF $11.99 each, Espoma Mix 1 CF $12.99 each, Espoma Potting Mix 8 QTS $ 6.99 each 

Soil: Garden Miracle Gro Garden 1 CF $5.99 each, Howe Garden 1 CF $5.99 each, Turf Builder Lawn Soil 1 CF $5.99 each, Espoma Organic $7.99 each 

Organic Soil: Seed Starter 8 QTS $7.49 each, Cactus Mix 4 QTS $4.49 each, African Violet 4 QTS $4.99 each 

Orchid Mix 4 QTS $7.99 each, Potting Mix 4 QTS $4.99 each 

Top Soil Regular $2.99 each, Premium $5.99 each 

Raised Bed Mix 2 CF $16.99 each 

Play Sand 50 lb. $8.49 each 

Compost Dehydrated Cow 40 lb. $5.99 each, Composted Cow 40 lb. $4.99 each, Lobster Compost 1 CF $12.99 each, Compost/Peat Mix 1 CF $12.99 each 

Jonathan Green Grass Seed Black Beauty Dense Shade, Black Beauty Sun & Shade, Black Beauty Shady Nooks, Black Beauty Sunny Blue Panther Kentucky Bluegrass Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Contractor's Mix Fast Grow 

(Multiple sizes, please inquire) 

EZ Straw 1 CF $14.99 each, EZ Straw/seed Mulch 2 CF $19.99 each 

Flowers and Vegetables (While supplies last) 

Pansies (Variety of colors) Flat $16.99 each, Flat Pack $2.49 each, 4.5” Pot $3.49, each 6” Pot $4.99 each 

Tulips (still closed, colors vary) 6” Pot $7.99 each 

Daffodil 6” Pot $7.99 each 

Hyacinth (Purple, Pink & White) 6” Pot $7.99 each 

Vegetables $2.49/pk Broccoli, All Seasons Cabbage, Greenleaf Lettuce, Red Sails Lettuce, Peas,Thumbelina Carrots, Everbearing Strawberry, White Onion, Red Onion, Mixed Onions 

More flowers arriving next week!

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