NEWTON, NJ—The Newton pool is on the agenda for Wednesday’s Town Council meeting. It will begin at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building.

The council members will hear from the public and vote on the second reading of Ordinance 2019-9, which authorizes a bond sale of $380,000 to make repairs to the pool.

The study commissioned by the council was presented at the September 11, 2019 meeting.  The council members decided this course of action based on the presentation and three hours of public comments.

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Joseph D. Perello, Vice President of Suburban Consulting Engineers Inc. and John Chayko, Engineer of Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc presented their findings and made recommendations to the council.

At the end of the study, three options were presented to the council.

  • Option 1: Removal & re-plastering of finish surface- estimated cost of $200k-$250K
  • Option 2: Removal & re-plastering of finish surface, new steps, shallowed deep end, & subsurface drainage improvements- estimated cost of $325K-$375K
  • Option 3: Demolition of existing site & new pool configuration, water park features, water slide & vortex feature, & underwater benches- estimated cost of greater than $800k

Mayor Helen LeFois opened the discussion up to the public and asked for their opinions on which option they would like to see. They heard from 17 residents according to LeFois; nine people supported Option 2, four people supported option 1 and four people supported Option 1 with parts of Option 2.

The five council members supported a hybrid option; 1 was something that definitely needed to happen and that they wanted parts of Option 2, but not all of it.

Lefois asked for parts of Option 2 to be analyzed separately in terms of costs so that the council could see what each he cost of each part of that option would be broken down.  The main issue was that the drainage that was mentioned in option 2 is something that is not 100% necessary according to Chayko.

The entire council felt that if they were going to be making improvements to the pool now in order to open it for the 2020 summer season, they might as well do all the improvements, so they would not have to close the pool again to do more of the improvements.  

The other modification that the council made to Option 2 was that they wanted to keep the deep end at a minimum depth of nine feet, have starting blocks for the Newton Swim Team that utilizes the pool the most, keep one water slide, and look at a hybrid of a mix of bench stairs and ADA compliant ramps in the shallow end.

The public portion will open during the discussion of ordinances in the beginning of the meeting after the council and manager comments and the two presentations that are on the agenda for tomorrow.