For the past week and a half, my family has been quarantined in our house with the “clinical diagnosis” of COVID-19. Have we been officially tested? No. Why? We live in Sussex County. Our doctor determined that my husband and I have the virus after a virtual appointment on March 27. Naturally, this sent me into a slight panic, so the next morning, we drove directly to the ER in Newton.

After being examined, the doctor in the ER agreed that we both have COVID-19.

“I am sorry,” she said, “we cannot officially test you because you’re not life threatening. We save the swabs for ICU patients only.” She sent us home with albuterol inhalers, cough medicine, Tylenol and strict instructions to not leave our house.

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So, my husband and I have been battling this virus on our own at home thankful that we haven’t needed a trip back to the ER. On April 1, our two children (ages 14 and 11) started having the same symptoms. After an appointment with the pediatrician, we were given the same diagnosis. The kids have COVID-19 too, but we can’t test them.

Why? How come every other county in New Jersey provides testing sites for residents, but not here in Sussex county? In Morris County, they offer testing for patients with a prescription. We asked our doctor about it, but you must be a resident of Morris County. Our doctor told us that as soon as Sussex county gets a testing site, we’ll be first on the list.

How many other Sparta residents are like us, not being counted? Who is in charge?

Editor's note- Because the family has not been tested they have NOT been included in the daily update of new COVID-19 cases in the county and state.