NEWTON, NJ – The Newton High School is implementing a new security measure for students.  They will have a biometric or finger scan management to keep an accurate account of student attendance.  According to a letter from Samantha Castro, assistant principal, the technology will “increase efficiency in managing students who arrive late” allowing them to get to class faster.  It will also be used to help keep track of students who leave campus for lunch, according to Castro. 

The technology is the similar to the finger scanning found on a smart phone.  The technology is by IdentiMetrics System because it is secure, accurate, cost-effective and non-intrusive, according to the letter. The fingerprint is converted to a unique number using a template, that is to be stored in the school’s database.  These numbers receive the same level of security as all of the student records.  According to the letter the fingerprints are immediately destroyed, once the unique number is created.