NEWTON, NJ—The 2019 ballot had only one contested spot- the two assembly seats. Newton also had open three seats for the board of education, in which the three incumbents ran.

The unofficial results: Parker Space and Harold Wirths won the assembly seats and both questions on the ballot were approved.

Newton Board of Education:

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Edward Caffrey:  832 votes plus 179 mail -ins for a total of 1,011 votes

Raymond Morris: 790 votes plus 175 mail-ins for a total of 965 votes

Anthony Neggers II: 755 votes plus 167 mail-ins for a total of 922 votes

The District 24 Assembly:

Parker Space: 19,680 votes plus 2,443 mail-ins for a total of 22,123 votes

Harold Wirths: 18,587 votes plus 2,555 mail-ins for a total of 21,142 votes

Deana Lykins: 8,439 votes plus 1,676 mail-ins for a total of 10,115 votes

Dan Soloman Smith: 7,430 votes plus 1,529 mail-ins for a total of 8959 votes

Voters also had two ballot questions to consider.

The first was a constitutional amendment question, asking if certain veterans’ benefits should be allowed to be transferred to a continuing care facility where they are residing.  The voters in Sussex County chose yes with 22,846 votes plus 3,588 mail-ins for a total of 26,434 votes. The no votes totaled 6,417, with 5,761 today and 656 mail ins.

The second question asked voters if the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders should cooperate with the Unites States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE, allowing ICE agents to use resources owned or operated by the county. 

The voters voted 19,285 plus 2,601 mail-ins for yes and 9,264 plus 1,635 mail ins for no. The yes votes totaled 21,886 and the no votes totaled 10,899.

These are unofficial results. Sussex County Clerk said the provisional ballots are not included in these totals.  Additionally, any mail in ballots post marked within the next 48 hours will be added to the totals.