NEWTON, NJ—After the tragic loss of Newton High School 17-year-old Lexi Faye on May 11 the community has come together to support one another in Newton and beyond.

Brian Scari, the owner of Newton McDonald’s and a Pope John graduate, could see how affected his workers were and decided to step in and help out.

“When I heard about the tragedy and how much it affected the staff, it was just a blow to morale and a blow to these individuals’ ideas about life. Something happens to you like that when you’re so young, it just brings you down to earth and just makes you realize that life is temporary, and these are individuals who have their whole lives ahead of them and to have such a realization at that age, it’s really tough,” Scari said.

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McDonald’s participated in the “White Out Day” for Faye on May 23, but Scari felt that since so many of his workers had been impacted, that he wanted to do more.

“Being the largest fast food operator in town, I felt compelled and almost obligated to do more and it has really hit home for me since I went to Pope John for high school and am now a business academic advisor over there and go there once a month and speak to the entrepreneur classes,” Scari said. 

The fundraiser was held on a Wednesday, May 29 and 10 percent of revenue for a total of three hours were donated to the Lexi Faye Heart of Gold Scholarship. According to Scari, sales in the first hour totaled around $1,400, the second around $1,550 and the third was around $1,400 also, so in total it was around $4,300.

“I would have donated $430 to the scholarship, but instead I donated a total of $500, which was the amount of the scholarship from us,” Scari noted.

Scari mentioned that he could see the company donating every year to this scholarship as he does not want this to be seen as something done in the moment of the tragedy.

“This is a tragedy that affected the entire town, from the mother of the high school student who is a manager and works for me to the exact person who was in math class with her, so it is not something that you just let die, you commit to it and you do it every year and even if we don’t do a fundraiser around it, I will still be contributing to the fund, cause it is of upmost importance.”

Other businesses such as Villa Capri in Sparta and Mama Cee’s in Franklin held fundraisers on Friday, June 7 all day long in honor of Faye.