NEWTON, NJ—With the global pandemic of COVID-19 eliminating all spring sports, seniors everywhere were unable to play their last spring sport season. Newton High School seniors are being highlighted to recognize their Braves' athletic career.

Math Teacher at Halsted Middle School, Richard Lepes is also the Golf teacher for the Newton High School Golf teams.

Lepes recognized two seniors from the Newton High School Boys Golf Team:

  • Sal Zonca, who would have been the team’s number one player and also captain of the team, led Newton high school to a record of 8-0 in the colonial division last year. Sal was a four-year starter.
  • John Ays, who played for the Newton team all Four Years and would have played on the varsity team this year.

This is the second installment of a multi part article highlighting those seniors who would have played their last season with Newton High School.