The Lansdale Administration and Finance Committee recommended Wednesday to fund an additional $180,000 on the Lansdale municipal complex renovation in order to repair damage to the walls and parapet of the preserved portion of the building.

An additional $5,424.66 will also be paid for additional abatement on that building, according to Councilman Denton Burnell in his committee report.

"The one to raise peoples' eyebrows a bit more is related to some discoveries made when the roof was finally removed from the building, and the level of damage that had been done to the parapet, the roofing around the structure that we're trying to maintain," Burnell said. 

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A Spiezle Architects report on the damage denoted "pretty significant damage" to that part of the former borough hall. 

"The proposed solution they feel, to use (Vice President) Steve (Malagari)'s words, is 'a 50-year solution.' That's obviously what we're looking for," Burnell said.

Burnell said Spiezle explored other options, including rebuilding the parapet entirely.

"That was a more costly endeavor. This one meets our goals of preserving the façade, preserving the brick and providing a safe environment for that parapet," he said. 

He said recommending council approve the change order lends some credence to Lansdale's desire to take a holistic approach to the building.

"What we heard from our architects is we would have run into this problem regardless and spending money to maintain, fix and repair it in perpetuity if we retained the roof in its original structure," Burnell said.