Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Today I am grateful for a clean house.  We have spent the last two days tearing the place apart, shampooing carpets and putting it back together.  What a job.  It was due.  The carpet was so disgusting that I tried to keep the lights low at all times.  Seriously.


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We got a great Bissel carpet cleaning machine a few years ago and it works beautifully.  It didn’t come with a person to run it, so that’s John’s job.  I’m the water changer, furniture mover (with him) and fuzz-ball picker upper.  (He doesn’t bend well.) The carpet looks so great I don’t know why we waited so long. I always say this.  Then we wait too long.  It’s not a horrible job, just time consuming.


When it came time to put stuff back we changed it up a little bit.  We rearranged some of the junk to the basement so everything feels fresh and more airy than it does in winter.  I’m sure gremlins will start cluttering the place up again soon.  Blasted gremlins.


But I have a reasonably clean house today and I’m grateful.  I’m letting the sun stream in and I might even put on some lights.  Don’t ask me about tomorrow.