Saturday, November 29, 2014


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Today I am grateful we were able to decorate for mom.  I’m especially glad that I was here to help my sister do it this year and give my niece a break, since they usually do it together.  It was even fun, once she turned off Judge Joe Brown and put on some Christmas music.




My sister has a trip to my mom’s apartment down to a tea!  First she calls her and asks her to put on all of the fans. . .bedroom, stove, bathroom.  Then she tells her to open a window.  By the time we get there, the apartment just might have a small amount of real air with a little oxygen coursing through it.  We have to do this to combat the cigarette stench no one but she can bear.  Hey, she’s 88.  Smoking has been her life.  Will it change?  No.  At the mere mention of electronic cigarettes, or God forbid quitting smoking, that old woman digs in her heels and crouches like a cheetah ready to attack.   It is what it is, so we do whatever we can to “breathe” ourselves when we’re there. 




The small tree is up and beautiful.  The ceramic cactus from Arizona and various stuffed snowmen are perched in the common hallway near her door.  Her singing moose stocking is ready to have an ear pinched for another Christmas song and dance.  The gee-gaws and festive cloths are in place.  Today I’m “taking one for the team” at the Dollar Store with her and we are looking for a Christmas placemat.  Save me now!


I am grateful that she is happily perched in her chair with her white teddy bear and Louise, her cat.  I’m glad that she is still around to frustrate us, holler at us and to love us for one more Christmas. Even with the smoking stench!