Wayfinding signage -- that is new "Welcome to Lansdale," directional and parking lot signs -- is beginning to be installed this week in Lansdale by the public works department, a result of the Merje Environmental Graphic Design wayfinding study and recommendations.
One such gateway/welcome sign will be installed at the corner of East Main Street and Lakeview Drive, right outside the windows of the Wissahickon Park Building, now available for public use.
"It will take about two weeks to get all the signs up," said borough Manager Timi Kirchner at Monday's Economic Development Committee and Communication Commission joint meeting.
The wayfinding project is being completed in two phases. Phase One is all the gateway signage, and Phase Two is parking and directional signage.

"Parking signage are shared costs between the borough and the Lansdale Parking Authority," she said.
The project is partially funded by Lansdale Parking Authority in the amount of $19,925, which is applied in Phase Two. The remainder of the funding will draw from Lansdale's capital reserves fund. Lansdale Parking Authority will reimburse the borough for the expenses.
Speaking of routes: The PCTI Wood-Vine Connector Route ribbon cutting is on for Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Vine Street parking lot. 
"We are hoping that we have a couple parking signs there for people to see and direct people to the lot," Kirchner said. "Although we are seeing gateway signs up, the focus is to make sure parking signs are up as part of the ribbon cutting." 
Kirchner said it is an exciting moment for Lansdale.
"We have been working on wayfinding for a long time," she said. "It's great to see it happen." 
Economic Development Committee Vice Chairman Richard Strahm praised communications manager Tracy Flynn's publication of the borough "E-Motion" Newsletter, which featured the upcoming parking kiosks at three borough lots. Those lots set to get kiosks are West Main Street, Walnut Street and Vine Street.
"It'll be simply park and go," Strahm said, "and it's keeping a receipt on how much time is on your session." 

The idea of wayfinding signage has its roots in Lansdale Borough's 2006 comprehensive plan.

In it, it recommends, as its objectives and strategies, to reduce clutter of excessive signage in town and coordinate directional signage by color and graphics.

In March, council unanimously approved to award a $69,786 contract to Harmon Sign of Toledo, OH for the fabrication and installation of, all in all, 23 signs in the borough, per recommendations of the Economic Development Committee and Communication Commission. There will be 11 gateway signs and 12 parking signs.

Merje brought the wayfinding project through the design stage to the bidding process.  The wayfinding project preliminary work was wholly funded by a $42,000 Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission grant.

Phase Two involves the parking signage: six trailblazer signs, one directional sign and five parking lot ID signs.