Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today I am grateful dragons.  We’ve finally finished re-decorated the blank canvass that was left in our house after Christmas was put away.  There be dragons!


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Something one of my sons said a few years ago really stuck with me.  He was in a situation where you could come into the house he had been living in for years, yet there was no indication at all that he was there.  None of his “stuff” was out. 


Since that conversation, at least once a year, I insist my husband put his collection of mythical menagerie on full display.  Standing in front of his shelves of hand-painted treasures, I start pointing and insisting and gathering and up they come from the bowels of the basement where many reside.   We pull them out of cabinets and from under shelves and from his pile of Christmas presents. They are everywhere and I love them.


I feel very protected.  No marauder is going to get me.  And their flaming breath keeps the house warm during cold winter nights.  I am grateful for the dragons scattered all over our house.  Mythical or real?  You decide.