Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today I am grateful for fireworks.  Not the kind that happen at holidays when your whole family descends and uncle whatzits drinks too much and tries to hump the turkey.  I’m grateful for the explosions in the sky.


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I usually don’t fuss too much about needing to go to the fireworks, but then I got to thinking. . .exactly how many fireworks does any one person see in a lifetime?  It’s kinda like Christmas trees.  They only come around so often, usually only once a year, so I’m going to see as many fireworks as I can from now on.  I hope you do, too.


We saw fabulous fireworks in Souderton, PA a few weeks ago, set to music as part of their Sundaes in the Park series.  We also went to Skippack and saw them on the Fourth.  We parked and put chairs right outside our car and chatted with whoever was next to us until the big event.  This year I took pictures, just for fun.  My camera is nothing special.  Its best feature is that it fits in my pocket.  But some of the pictures surprised me so indulge me as I share them.


So today I’m grateful for fireworks, especially the ones that turn out looking like flowers in the pictures.  What a joy.