Wednesday, July 0, 2014

Today I am grateful for good drivers.  But where in the Hell are they?  Besides me, of course. . .and a few of my good friends.  Maybe you, too, but I’m not sure, yet.


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Hey, I get distracted sometimes, too, but 99% of the time I am very, very aware of what is going on around me when I’m driving.  I would be destroyed if I ever hit someone on a bike or worse yet, a child who jumps out from between cars.  I saw that happen once right in front of my house, when I was pregnant with my youngest and the vision is still clear today, forty years later.  That neighborhood child survived with only a broken collar bone, but I was a mess for months.


Today when I was driving in a small town in my area, an older grandpa-type guy, pushing a toddler in one of those play-car-strollers with a handle on the back, was trying to cross a street.  I saw him waiting patiently at the crosswalk so I stopped.  There were a lot of on-coming cars, but I figured someone would see me stopped. . . and them waiting in the crosswalk. . .and stop, too.  No. 


After the third car whizzed past me, I stuck my arm out the window with my hand up to try and stop one of them, but eight cars just barreled on.  I was appalled. Hey, I get it.  Sometimes I’m lost in my head, or distracted and don’t pay close attention.  I might notice someone in the crosswalk too late to stop safely.  Or maybe they are partially obstructed by parked cars or trash cans or whatever, but none of those situations apply in this case.  They were in the open, with a brightly colored, heavy plastic stroller/car and a man wearing red.  When we fail to notice a child in a crosswalk with an elderly man, we need to shape up!  Be aware.  All of us.  Even me.  And you.


Everyone is saying it but so few are doing it.  STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!  You can’t text and drive.   Not safely.  Someone is going to get hurt.  Even if you “just text at stop lights”.  You never know what could transpire where you might have to make a snap decision, or sudden maneuver.  I see truckers driving tons of huge, explosive “bombs-on-wheels” and they are texting.  It’s crazy.  Pull over.  Or. . .oh horrors! . . .be unavailable for a few minutes!  Yikes!  How will you survive without knowing who did what to who last night for a few more minutes?   Unless, of course, you need instructions on where to deliver the lung you’re transporting for someone’s surgery, your text can probably wait.  You might think it’s important, but it’s not. 


Today I am grateful for good drivers, who notice pedestrians and stop when they are in the crosswalk. . .or even if they are jaywalking. . .just to keep everyone safe.  If you are a good driver, you know who you are.  If you’re texting and driving you are a heartbeat away from disaster so knock it off!  I don’t want your disaster to become mine, too!