Cheers: Lansdale Beer Fest is primed to return June 28.

After the large field at Third Street and Richardson Avenue in Lansdale was designated in the Madison Parking Lot redevelopment plans as a site for a new skate park, the members of Lansdale Area Fundraising Society were reluctant to ensure a venue for its uber-popular beer tasting festival in 2014.

Attendees to the Public Safety Committee session Wednesday night got some fortunate news that wasn't nearly as refreshing as a crisp, cold pint: The site will be available for the fifth anniversary of Lansdale Beer Fest and it is not under development yet.

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"We will be where we've always been the last several years, which is great," said LAFS member Drew Stockmal. "It's Beer Fest Field until it becomes a skate park."

Committee moderator Lansdale Police Sgt. Alex Kromdyk said he had met with Stockmal to discuss LAFS' contingency plans, in case a groundbreaking occurred on the project.

Stockmal said there will be one change this year: a small, VIP, high-end event on Friday night June 27 at the same location from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

"It will afford us the opportunity to take our time and do it right. Last year, we tried someting very similar, but it was too rushed," Stockmal said. "We had the rest of the vent to try and prepare for at the same time."

Lansdale Beer Fest will run from about noon to 4 p.m. June 28.

Stockmal said they will also look into reducing the number of people this year to make more space at the festival.

"The space probably had reached its capacity (last year)," Stockmal said. "I think we'll have to absolutely cut it off this year to fit the right amount of people."

Stockmal said LAFS will talk to Madison Parking Lot developer Equus Capital Partners about potentially removing trees, brush and fencing, since the space will be developed anyway.

"We might look to accelerate that process, to fit our needs. There are some fencing and trees that are going to be razed anyway," Stockma said. "It might help us get better space out of it."

Kromdyk said Lansdale Police provides officers on the perimeter of the event. LAFS brings in about 14 off-duty police officers from the local area for security inside the event, he said.

"There are really no issues that come out of this at all," Kromdyk said.

The committee voted 3-0 to recommend the event for approval to council for its March 19 meeting.