Saturday, October 4, 2014

Today I am grateful for our homes location.  Within two hours we can be at the Jersey Shore.  We’re an hour drive from the Pocono Mountains, a couple of hours from New York City, and about two to four hours from Baltimore, MD and  Washington, DC.  I love the east coast.


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The locals are all about the Jersey Shore.  Not my favorite place folks, which I know will disappoint those who spent time every summer “down the shore” as kids.  Not me, I grew up on Lake Michigan so I’m all about fresh water lakes, lots of trees and fewer crowds.


When we talk about winning the big lottery we easily morph into dreams of our ideal vacation home.  “It has to be on a lake.”  Check!  “It has to not only be on a lake but you shouldn’t have to climb down a mountain to get to the lake or portage through the woods to even see the lake.”  Check!  Check!  “The house should be big enough for guests but not too big to maintain.”  Check! “There should be fish in the lake.  Big fish!  Okay, ANY fish.”  Check!  “When you sit on the big deck you should be able to clearly see the lake without standing on the deck hanging onto a flag pole with one arm while leaning to the right on tippy-toes.”  Check! Check!


That’s where we’re going today.  We are driving to the mountains to spend the day at a friend’s house, which from the pictures I’ve seen, meets all of our criteria.   John is going to fish.  We are going to gab and take pictures and probably eat too much because she’s a great cook.  The rain will end and it will be blissfully cool.


I am so grateful that from our location we can go to many exciting places and that today it’s the Poconos.