Summer's not even here yet, and people are already taking advantage of the decent weather.

Take Saturday morning, where Lansdale Farmers' Market debuted for the 2014 season at Century Plaza off Railroad Avenue, complete with old and new vendors and acoustic guitar from resident Jeff Lohan.

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Kulp's Spices, which opened a storefront on Main Street, returned to the market, as did Tabora Farms Cafe and Jett's Produce. Cardinal Hollow Winery was popular with its samples, Lansdale micro-lot coffee roaster Backyard Beans Coffee at one point was crowded with people wanting their fair trade and organic certified roasted coffee beans and a cup of joe, and Mediterranean Delicacies proved a little bit of olive oil never hurt anyone.

If you wanted all-natural soaps, Simply Clean Simply Green was the booth for that. Fresh farm brown eggs and beef?—Windy Springs Farm. 

If you wanted Girl Food, you went to Steve's Pound Cake. Who knew there were at least 20 different varieties?

Hate your eczema or psoriasis? Hello again, Green Street Luxuries.

Some youths braved the artistic hand of Chippy the Clown at the face painting booth—always a hit. Lansdale Beer Festival couldn't stop selling tickets for the June 28 event.

Even Lapinski Farms of HIlltown sold out of everything but a bunch of chives and arugula hours before the market was over.

Shrooms, knife/machete/hedge clipper sharpening, Shell.Fish.Sue—it was there. 

Check out our photo gallery for Saturday's fun.