It's a case of too much of a good thing.

Lansdale Borough's application to the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Development for a $303,160 Community Development Block Grant to upgrade roads, curbs and sidewalks on East Third Street, between Ridge and Line streets was denied by the county, mainly because Lansdale has a lot on its plate and the funding has a time constraint attached to it.

WNPV reported the county denied funding for the road project, because Lansdale as a number of "uncompleted projects," according to Montgomery County HCD Director Kathy Phifer.

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Per WNPV, Phifer said there is a time constraint associated with the grant. She said if projects are not completed in time, then the county could lose funds from federal Housing and Urban Development.

"If a municipality has outstanding projects from previous years, that actually gets negative points," said Phifer in WNPV's report.  

Lansdale Borough Manager Timi Kirchner said attending a recent public hearing on the grants to make a case for the road project would not have yielded any benefit to Lansdale.

"We had an internal discussion with county officials about this latest grant, and they let us know that we were not getting the grant because we already have projects in progress," Kirchner said. "Other municipalities had the same experience this year. They encouraged us to apply in the next round, which we will do."

The next round will occur probably in April 2015, she said.

Lansdale has been very successful with Community Development Block Grants, Kirchner said. There is one such project in progress at Eighth Street and plans for another project on Second Street are in the pipeline at  the county.

"The plans for the project are with the county now, and once we get the go-ahead, we will put the project out to bid. We have been on time with Eighth Street and intend to do the same with Second Street, based on the timelines given to us by the county," she said.