NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -How does a hovercraft work? Are there different types of fossils? Why is Pluto referred to as a dwarf planet? On March 10, East End School held its annual Science Fair and put these and many other questions to the test. The school’s science committee, made up of teachers and administrators, facilitated this educational and fun-filled evening, which showcased over thirty experiments and displays created by forty ingenious students.

Madison Rorie, age 6, wanted to find out “How much should I water my plants”, so she decided to grow four plants and measure their water intake over the course of two weeks to determine the effect of under watering and overwatering on the health of the plants. Her results, “My best plant had just the right amount of water, which was around nine milliliters a week.”

Fourth grade student, Ceimari Tucker-Grimes, set out to disprove the “Five Second Rule” in which food items dropped on the floor would be germ-free if picked up within seconds of hitting the ground. Utilizing a microscope, Ceimari showed onlookers slides of germs that quickly attached themselves to all items. “Really five seconds is all it takes for germs to get onto the food, although the longer it stays on the ground, the more germs it has. Yuck!”

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Some other students focused on technology-based questions. Teacher Robert Meringolo set up a workshop, manned by over fifteen students, for parents to learn all about computer coding.

Said Jamil Maroun, district science supervisor, “I am really impressed with the quality of work our elementary students produced. With a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), many students were able to compose a hypothesis and use the scientific methods to test their theories. This really supports the cross cutting concepts that unify the study of science and engineering found in the Next Generation Science Standards.”

“It is wonderful to see the students so excited and engaged in their learning”, shared Principal John Ferguson. “At every display I stopped, students couldn’t have been more prepared and willing to share what they learned”, added Ferguson.