NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - "Do Not Knock" stickers are now available in North Plainfield. The Borough Council has adopted Ordinance No. 17-03 to provide residents relief from unwanted solicitations. It was enacted to provide North Plainfielders with a legal means to protect their privacy and to prevent unwanted disturbances at their place of residence.

Once the resident has registered, they will be provided with a No-Knock sticker for posting on their front door or near the front door of their home. The sticker will warn peddlers, canvassers and solicitors that it is unlawful to seek contact with residents of the home. No solicitation is permitted pursuant to Section 3-17 of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of North Plainfield. It will not prevent visits from the religiously affiliated, political candidates or by school children on fund drives.

A resident will remain on the North Plainfield No-Knock registry until a request is made in writing to the North Plainfield Police Chief to remove their home from the registry. 

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