Dear Editor:

When an organization offers life-saving help to people in crisis, it’s critical that people know who to call. This was a problem for the Resource Center of Somerset; people couldn’t remember its mission. That’s why the agency asked the community to help choose a recognizable name - Safe+Sound Somerset. Safe+Sound Somerset’s mission is to empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence. 

More than 42,000 victims of domestic abuse are living in Somerset County. They rely on Safe+Sound’s 24-hour hotline when they need help. Their families, neighbors and colleagues also reach out to Safe+Sound Somerset for guidance when they want to learn about helping someone they know.

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Safe+Sound Somerset surveyed domestic abuse survivors, both teens and adults, and its community partners, from law enforcement to generous supporters, to help create a new identity. The result - a soaring kite in bright blue and orange represents the journey of survivors, who face overwhelming obstacles as they pursue a life free of abuse. 

Safe+Sound Somerset empowers survivors during their individual journeys to freedom and provides tools for them to rebuild their lives. Multilingual services are free regardless of income as are the emergency safe house, transitional housing apartments, individual and group counseling services, legal advocacy, financial empowerment programs and healing therapies for children who have witnessed abuse as a way of life.

Safe+Sound Somerset’s updated website helps victims and their loved ones recognize and understand the cycle of abuse, leads them to life-changing support and information that aims to tell victims that they are not alone and they are never to blame.  

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Sherry

Safe+Sound Somerset Community Relations Chairperson