Dear Editor,

On Friday morning 9 May 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the showing, at the North Plainfield High School,of "Foud Days of Honor and Valor at Gettysburg" it was a very moving and informative production involving some of the North Plainfield ROTC students.

I suggested at the 12 May council meeting that a resolution or proclomation be intorduced by the mayor and council commending the ROTC students and any school staff that helped put this very worthy project together.

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This request was made again at the 14 October 2014 council meeting.

More recently, the same request was made at the 12 January 2015 council meeting.

It is apparent that our elected officials do not feel the same way I do about this production.  One has to wounder if they even saw it.

You can hear these requests being made by going to and clicking on the meeting dates. If you don't want to hear the entire meeting, just advance to the public comment portion of the meeting.

Frank D'Amore, Jr.