NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -The fifth and sixth grade students at Somerset School recently participated in the Joetta Clark Diggs’ Fitness Challenge sponsored by EmpowerSomerset.  Joetta Clark Diggs, a former nine-time NCAA champion and four-time Olympic athlete in track, and creator of the Joetta Clark Diggs Sports Foundation, presented a two-week program educating our students in the importance of fitness and nutrition.  Each session was full of activity and information.  Our students and teachers really enjoyed the experience.   The life lessons that were learned from this program will be a part of each student’s memory with the hope that they will live healthy lives because of it, now and for future years to come.  On the final day of the program, June 2nd, Joetta and her staff provided our students with awards for their participation in the program. 

Joetta’s message to our students:  Strong Minds, Strong Bodies, Strong Future!