As neighbors of Fran Gargano we learned fairly quickly that she is civic minded and cares deeply about issues that effect North Plainfield. Fran was at the forefront of the move to designate Washington Park historic district. She lives in a historic home and cares deeply that the history of the town be preserved in the architecture of the many beautiful buildings. Zoning and compliance with town ordinances dedicated to maintaining property goes a long way in keeping a the appearance of the town pleasant.  This also keeps property values up and secures the investment of the property owners. Fran has fought over development as she spoke out against developing the Villa Marie site so that it could be preserved as open space. Corporate retail along the route 22 corridor may be good for the tax base. But, long established businesses must be helped to maintain their presence  Over saturation of the same type of chain stores isn't something Fran would see as a good thing for the community. Derelict properties are not only an eyesore,  they invite crime and can become structures that are dangerous.  Fran would  hold landlords accountable and hopefully these properties would get cleaned up. Safety and security are a priority.  Fran would partner with law enforcement to see to it that North Plainfield is a safe place to live and do business. Taxes are a problem all over NJ. I believe Fran would demand efficiency from all government agencies in order to keep the cost of government down. Recreation for the youth will remain in the forefront of her administration.  With the wonderful volunteers and financial assistance from local businesses we can continue it, while trying as hard as possible to maintain costs so that this is an enjoyable activity for all families.  North Plainfield can be better. We all know it.Vote for Fran Gargano and those running with her to move the town in a positive direction.