Friends of Vermeule Inc. Meeting Minutes; January 8, 2015

Members Present:  Janice Allen, Mary Forbes, Peg Glicklich, Nancy Piwowar, Johanna Salvemini, Nick Ciampa.

Meeting called to order by President, Mary Forbes at 7:40 PM

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Minutes from December 11 meeting were summarized, and accepted with one spelling correction.

Treasurer’s Reports:   Peg Glicklich presented a Treasurer’s report dated January 1, 2015 showing the following balances:

Checking Acct. $ 4,310.43
Savings Acct.  26,389.10
CD (05/31/2014)  42,816.03
Held by Borough    5,200.00

Report was placed on file.

Drake House:  Nancy Piwowar updated us on Drake House activities, including the following:

Genealogy – Young children are getting involved, learning about the past.

Interns, and Archivists have served the Drake House with grants from The Plainfield Cultural and Heritage Program, and from Union County. 

A grant was received from the 1772 Foundation, for security and lighting at the site.

Many children participate in local history programs.

Maintenance: Nick reported that Champion Roofing had caulked the seams of all skylights. There is still some water leaking in during prolonged rain.

Educational History Program:  The Civics Dept. of the N.P. School System is interested in holding a meeting of teachers and supervisors in the Mansion, to show how the Mansion can be a teaching resource.  Mary Forbes is our contact.

Mr. Tom Mazur, heading the NPHS Photography Club is another contact.

Music at the Mansion:  The Somerset Brass Quintet will perform on Sunday afternoon, February 15. The theme of the concert is Mardi Gras.

Linda Russell, a music historian and performer has been contacted.  Mary will pursue plans for her to perform this Spring.

New Business: FOVM will send a letter to the US Postal Service, requesting a reversal of their decision to not provide a unique zip code for North Plainfield.  Fleetwood Museum will also send a letter.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32PM.

Submitted by Nicholas A. Ciampa, Secretary