GREEN BROOK, NJ - The Green Brook Police Department will once again be participating in the “Operation Take Back New Jersey” prescription medication disposal program. This program, orchestrated through the Drug Enforcement Administration, provides a convenient and safe means for residents to dispose of their unused, unwanted and/or expired prescription medications.  

The department will be hosting a collection site at police headquarters, 109 Greenbrook Road, Green Brook, New Jersey on Saturday, October 28, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to bring their unused, unwanted and/or expired prescription medications to the police department for disposal during this time. A collection box will be located in the lobby, and medications will be accepted as follows:
• The program is anonymous and no questions or requests for identification will be made of anyone disposing of medication.
• Medication may be disposed of either in its original container or by removing the medication from its container and depositing it directly into the drug disposal box. If the original container is being deposited, participants are encouraged to remove any labels in advance that may contain personal identifying information.
• Liquid products, such as cough medicine, should remain sealed in their original container. The depositor should ensure that the cap is tightly sealed to prevent leakage.
• Syringes and other sharp instruments will not be accepted.

“As always, this program is open to anyone who has expired or otherwise unwanted prescription medications they are looking to dispose of”, said Chief G. Christopher Kurz. “Through this program, we work towards ensuring such medications are safely destroyed in order to prevent potential abuses or accidental overdoses. Even if you don’t personally have medications that fall into these categories, I would encourage that you speak with family members who may have such medications and let them know this program is available to help dispose of them safely and at no cost. You can also drop off medications on behalf of family members if they need assistance getting them here”.