GREEN BROOK, NJ – The Green Brook Police Department is proud to announce the initiation of ‘Operation Blue Angel,’ a program offered to assist residents who due to advanced age, mobility, or medical concerns may be unable to answer their door during an emergency.

Through Operation Blue Angel, a police department-owned lockbox (similar to a realtor's lockbox) is installed on a door of the home. A key, supplied by the resident, is locked inside the box. In the event of an emergency, responding police officers are able to retrieve the key by using a confidential code and quickly enter the home without causing damage.

“The reason we adopted this program is because it provides a service that can be potentially lifesaving for participants” said Green Brook Police Chief G. Christopher Kurz. “Typically, when officers are dispatched to a home for a medical or similar emergency, they knock on the front door or ring the doorbell to gain entry. If the person inside needing help can’t get to the door, the officers must then check the exterior of the home to determine if there is another way in. This causes a delay in response and, if no other entry point is found, potential damage to a door or a window as officers work to enter the home to render assistance.”

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Chief Kurz added, “With Operation Blue Angel, officers will have the ability to enter a participant’s home during an emergency without delay or causing damage in order to provide assistance.”

  • To be eligible for participation in Operation Blue Angel, one must meet certain criteria and agree to the following terms and conditions: Must be 55 years of age or older or have a medical condition that is potentially incapacitating; must either live alone or be home alone on a frequent basis; must provide a key (or keys) for an entry door to the home; and must grant the Green Brook Police Department permission to access and use the key in an emergency - waiver form is provided and must be notarized and included with the application.

The lockbox remains the property of the police department, and if a participant moves from the residence they must notify the police department so that the lock box may be retrieved. Additionally, the lockbox may only be accessed in an emergency, and may not be used for lockouts or other non-emergent reasons. For security purposes, the resident will not be given the code to the lockbox and the code is changed every time after the key is accessed for an emergency. 

The ‘Operation Blue Angel’ program is provided free of charge to any eligible Green Brook resident, and applications are available to be picked up at the police department anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

For questions or assistance with completing the application, contact Green Brook Police Lieutenant Hans Case at (732) 968-1188, ext. 6621.