GREEN BROOK, NJ -- Two years ago, the district moved from the “paper and pen” registration of new and existing students to requiring parents to register students in InfoSnap, an online registration and document portal system designed to import information to and export it from our student database software called Power School.

Due to the overwhelming cooperation and support of this initiative by parents, the district will continue to use InfoSnap for the 2014-15 school year. Therefore, on July 14, 2014, we will once again open the Power School Parent Portal so that parents can register their child or children before August 15th. All applications must be completed in their entirety, including immunization information, or they will be locked out of the Parent Portal and not is-sued their child’s bus pass.

Dr. Richard Labbe, Superintendent of Schools, reports that the process in itself next year will be much easier for parents than this year, as they will be able to register in Parent Portal and thus will not need a “snapcode.”

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In addition, all bussing information, including the bus number and bus stop for students, will also be noted in the Portal.

Dr. Labbe also noted that embedded in the InfoSnap software will be rules which will inform parents that once they submit their application they will not be allowed to make any changes, and that changes beyond that point would need to be made by the district. A rule will also be created that will not allow applications for new registrants, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 6th graders to be submitted without the completion of all items, especially those pertaining to immunizations.

Furthermore, a rule will be created that in general notifies the applicant that there is essential information missing and directs the registrant to go back and complete it.