GREEN BROOK, NJ -- Green Brook Police report that a transformer has come down on Jefferson Avenue north of the middle school.  Parents are advised to come across the Jefferson Avenue bridge from the Plainfield/Dunellen border to pick up their children at the middle school.

Police Lietenant Christopher Kurz told The Alternative Press that PSE&G crews are on site working on the transformer, and expect to have it cleared before there is any potential for flooding.  The area is under a flood watch from the National Weather Service, and though flooding is not imminent the Jefferson Avenue Bridge is subject to being closed during high water times 

"PSE&G assures me that they have contingency plans that will ensure Jefferson Avenue is open from at least one direction," said Kurz. "My officers say there's no risk of flooding right now, but if there is the utility says they will cut the wires to ensure people cna pass safely."