(Editor’s Note: This year, three North Plainfield High School seniors – Heather Hernandez, Victoria Kisling, and Amaiana Sajjad – will serve as interns for TAPinto North Plainfield, Green Brook & Watchung. Each month, they will conduct research and interviews and write articles which will be published by TAPinto; their first assignment was to write a personal profile to introduce themselves to readership).

NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Amaiana Sajjad is currently at senior at North Plainfield High School (NPHS). She has lived in North Plainfield all her life and is the middle child of two Pakistani parents, and a sister to five siblings.

Her hobbies consist of baking, photography, and writing poems and narratives. Sajjad has started writing her first novel told from the perspective of a young girl like herself, which she hopes to publish before she graduates college. In addition to writing, Sajjad is also a dedicated hurdler during winter and spring Track and Field season, and she enjoys running on her own in the fall. She is an avid participant of in the NPHS Debate Club, Spanish Honor Society, Canuck Mentor Program, and school newspaper Tunlaw as well as many other activities, clubs and organizations. Sajjad also volunteers at her local mosque on Sundays.

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According to Sajjad, her biggest weakness is shopping; she loves shopping and mixing all sorts of prints, shades, and fabrics together. Inspired by social media, she enjoys putting on different shades of eye shadow and other makeup. Her favorite show is Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy and she listens to all types of music genres from rap to pop to country.  

Sajjad hopes to attend New York University or Columbia University next fall and has a vision to major in pre-medical studies and a minor in Investigative Journalism. After earning an undergraduate degree, Sajjad hopes to further her education at John Hopkins Medical school and pursue a career in cardio thoracic surgery.

Sajjad said she is motivated by her parents who always tell her: “We came here, to a nation much different than ours, to make you better than you think you can be. So, prove us right by being the best you, anyone can be. By accomplishing anything you put your mind to. By genuinely believing in yourself, no matter the conditions.”  

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