NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Earlier this year the North Plainfield School District expressed an interest in updating its district logo in order to best express its identity to the local and greater community. It was agreed that the best approach to developing a logo was to allow our students to design a visual representation of the school district from their point of view. Many classes submitted proposals that received very serious consideration by the review panel and board of education.

We are proud to share the approved logo from Ms. Faraone’s grade four class at West End School. Ms. Faraone’s class decided to work as a team to create a district logo. After a brainstorm of ideas, the class combined proposals. A student proposed a star to symbolize the spirit of our schools. Two students decided to put the four core values in the outer circle to represent what we believe in. Other students proposed that North Plainfield should stand out and be written at the bottom. The entire class wanted a school to be placed in the center of the logo with the American flag. They believe this logo will represent the district forever.

Congratulations to Ms. Faraone's class and to every class who participated in the logo process. We are extremely gratified that this symbol of our district truly expresses the thoughts of our own students about the educational community where they experience learning and social development.

In the near future you may expect to see our new logo on our website, publications, stationery and other areas in which we express our district's identity.