Last week the State of New Jersey announced North Plainfield had received the highest increase in graduation growth rate of any high school in Somerset County. Kudos are in order for Superintendent McLaughlin and all those involved in obtaining such a wonderful achievement. It was nice to receive the State report, but everyone in town already knew North Plainfield High School is making tremendous strides in educating our children and preparing them for the future.

It is so refreshing to see the success of our youth. Their success is our success. In the report North Plainfield obtained its highest graduation rate in five years and had its graduation rate soar to 95.1%.

As Mayor my goal is to make sure the Borough provides a safe and fertile environment for all of our residents, particularly, our children to grow and succeed. It starts first at home with family and friends then the schools and government. Everyone has a key role, and I’d like to just take this opportunity to tell the students, School Board, Superintendent McLaughlin and all those involved congratulations on a job well done.