During November and December, Somerset County Library System of New Jersey collected about 700 pounds of dry pet food, 50 pounds dog biscuits, 500 cans of pet food, five dog beds, three animal carriers, and numerous toys, leashes, towels, laundry detergents, pet bowls, pet treats, and gift cards from SCLSNJ staff and the community for the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. SCLSNJ staff member Edith Lit (pictured center left) coordinated the collection and delivered, thanks to the help of SCLSNJ staffer Mike Constante (pictured center right), the largest donation SCLSNJ has given to the shelter to date with Somerset County Library Commissioner Sherri Lynn (pictured left) on Tuesday, December 20. Shelter Manager Brian Bradshaw (pictured right) gladly accepted the donations on behalf of the shelter.