NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – The North Plainfield Fire Department closed out 2016 with its busiest year on record, responding to close to 3,400 calls and exceeding the previous year’s call record by close to 20-percent.

In 2016, the North Plainfield received at combined 3,395 calls – 2,233 EMS and 1,162 fire calls – a 19.75 percent year-to-year increase over 2015’s total of 2,835 (1,635 EMS/ 1,200 fire calls). Of the total EMS calls in 2016, 590 were attributed to the Borough of North Plainfield now providing emergency medical services in Green Brook. Additionally, 227 of the EMS calls were motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents while approximately 45 were CPR calls.

Of the 1,162 ‘fire’ related incidents in 2016, 79 were actual fires with 47 of them occurring inside a building/residential home or other structure; in 2015, the department responded to 78 actual fires with 48 of them structure related.

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According to Chief William Eaton, the North Plainfield Fire Department had an 85-percent dollar value saved in 2016. “This figure is one that we are very proud of and represents the original value of a home/building prior to a fire occurring, minus the actual dollar loss and is shown as a percentage of what was ‘saved,” said Eaton, noting that while nearly $7.15 million in building value affected, close to $6.12 million was saved.

“One important statistic that remains relatively consistent over the years is the ‘percentage of dollar value saved,’” he said. ““The 85-percent dollar value saved in 2016 can easily be attributed to our rapid response and aggressive fire scene tactics.”

                                                2015                           2016

EMS calls                               1,635                           2,233

Fire calls                                 1,200                           1,162

                   Total  Calls           2,835                           3,395

Total fires                                78                                79

Fires (buildings)                      48                               47

$ value (buildings)                  $2,048,225                 $7,151,605

$ value loss                            $263,675                   $1,032,070

$ value saved                         $1,784,550               $6,119,535

% saved                                87%                            85%

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