NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – North Plainfield held its 42nd annual Fishing Derby at the Green Acres Park on Rockview Avenue.  More than a hundred kids and parents braved the early chill to enjoy sixty degree weather and sun and the fun of catching the recently stocked rainbow trout.

“This has turned into a beautiful day,” said Van Dickerson, a board member for North Plainfield’s Parks and Recreation Commission.  “Fish are more aggressive after a rain, so last night’s weather and today’s sun means good fishing.”

The Derby isn’t just a good time in the out-of-doors, but also a competition for North Plainfield kids where winners are chose in three age groups.

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For those six years and under, the award was given to Johnny Parker for catching the most fish.

For the seven to eleven year olds, awards went to Rebecca Ayola for most fish and Ria Brumbaugh for the largest fish. 

For the twelve to fifteen year olds, awards went to Kevin Thompson for most fish and Aaliya Sandana for the largest fish. 

Every child who participates received a medal, and many also won raffle for small electronics, baseball caps and other prizes. 

Mike Rizzo is an avid fisherman who drops a hook in the water wherever he is working construction, and he attended his first fishing derby with his 4 year old daughter and five year old boy.  Both kids proudly displayed their medals, but weren’t that interested until someone nearby caught a rainbow trout and they perked up.

“I always tell them it’s a lot more fun when you actually catch fish,” said Rizzo.  “That’s why Daddy does it.”