(Editor's Note: Victoria Kisling is a senior at North Plainfield High School and an intern with TAPinto North Plainfield.) 

NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - On Jan. 20, teams took to the North Plainfield High School (NPHS) gym to compete in this year’s Volleycheese Tournament, with the Fly Guys ultimately earning the title of ‘2017 Volleycheese Champion.’

“The annual Volleycheese Tournament was a success. as always,” said NPHS Senior Class President Emely Velastegui. “The teams all had a fun time playing and the audience enjoyed the friendly competition.”

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Throughout the year, Volleycheese is played in NPHS gym classes but, when  interest in the sport grew, the Senior Class Student Council decided to sponsored its first Volleycheese Tournament fundraiser. The popular event raises more than $1,000 each year, with the proceeds going towards senior class events such as prom and senior picnic.

Invented by past NPHS physical education teachers, Volleycheese originated from the game Four Square and, over the years, evolve into what it is today. The game is similar to volleyball in which players must serve and get the ball over a net, however, unlike in the traditional game in which the ball cannot bounce and/or hit the floor, one bounce in between hits is allowed. Each team is comprised of between 8-10 players and, during each matchup, eight players from each team take to the court, playing until one of the teams reaches zero. Each team is given a specific number of points at the start of the game with a point taken away each time a mistake is made.

In volleycheese, a team can lose a point if the ball bounced twice, or if it was hit out. Other point reductions can come from having more than three hits before the ball goes over the net, the ball hitting the ceiling, a net violation, a bad serve, or consecutive hits by the same person. When a team reaches zero points, they are disqualified and the opponent advances to the next round.

During the tournament, there were always two games going on at the same time until the semifinals, where all the attention is then focused on one court and the deciding game. The 12 teams competing this year included Nothing But L’s, KTS, Fruit of the Loom, the Knights, Ozai, Darkside, Super Pink Unicorn Horns, Spicy Boiiz, Fly Guys, #MansGroup, Colabelli’s Team, and Team Bamnjo. In the end, the Fly Guys took the title with the Knights and Fruit of the Loom coming in second and third, respectively. Each member of the Fly Guys received a $10 iTunes giftcard.

“Nothing was better than winning Volleycheese especially when we were the big target to take down,” said NPHS junior and Fly Guy member Bruce Weyand. “I couldn’t have done it without my teammates and the best coach, Lance Evans.”

“People were saying that this year's Volleycheese wasn’t going to be as good as the past years, but I sure did enjoy myself and I’m glad I went,” said spectator Frankie Dox.

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