NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -- Mayor Michael Giordano is asking residents of North Plainfield who support a unique Zip Code for the Borough to write to Washington to protest the denial announced today.

In a letter from the USPS dated December 22, 2014 the federal agency laid the blame for all issues related to the shared zip codes on local government and business misuse of the postal service, and denied any responsibility for the problems it causes.

"I'm asking all residents and businesses to write letters of support of the Borough’s ZIP Code efforts directly to the US Postal Service in Washington, DC, with copies to the Mayor’s Office," said Giordano.

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Letter should be sent to:

Manager, Delivery
US Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, RM 7142
Washington, DC 20260-2802

The denial letter from the USPS can be accessed online.