NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -- Parents of school age children can now get information on the upcoming school year from the district's Genesis system or by calling district offices.  

The schools are open for new teacher orientation all of next week, then are off for Labor Day.  Tuesday and Wednesday of that week are in-service days for teachers, and the schools open for students on September 4 for a half day, four hour session.

Many parents or guardians also received a letter in the mail giving them home room assignments without a teacher's name, but are able to get their home room teacher's identity from Genesis.  The letter also includes a list of items students should bring to school specific to their grade level, rules of dress and conduct, and back to school night dates.

The Genesis system also provides historic results for students' standardized testing, attendance and other scholastic information. Parents can sign up for a Genesis account by visiting the North Plainfield Schools Home Page and placing the mouse pointer over the "Parents" link in the upper left hand corner.