On Angel's Wings is a volunteer group of Firefighters and EMS workers that dedicate their time and resources to collect  outdated firefighting equipment, gear and apparatus that does NOT meet current NFPA and OSHA standards in the United States. 


These items would be disposed of in the garbage or a landfill, but On Angel's Wings is able to take this equipment and redistribute it  to underprivileged countries that are in dire need. 


Most first responders in other countries do NOT have the necessary resources to procure this equipment and are left trying to provide a service to their communities without it, and in many cases, no equipment at all.  

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In addition to distributing equipment,  On Angels Wings volunteers travel to these countries and administer classes on the use and maintenance of the equipment. We also provide certifications in different EMS skills like,First aid, CPR and AED. 


All of the first responders On Angel's Wings donate their time and money to make this happen, paying for their own travel expenses, including but not limited to; tolls, gas and storage fees to pick up and warehouse donated equipment. The funds raised will help us to offset some of our out of pocket expenses , as well as assist us with the cost of shipping equipment to some of the countries that are unable to pay for it.

 Every effort is made to have each country pay their own  expenses, but in some cases On Angel's Wings will come alongside of them and provide support where we can.  Our goal is to help every first responder around the world that does not have access to proper equipment or training, to be able to safely provide these services to their communities. To date, we have been able to supply equipment and training to the following countries, Dominican Republic, Panama ,Colombia and Hungary . We are currently working on contacts for Haiti, Nicaragua and Jamaica. Any support you can give to our cause will help us to help our brother and sister first responders around the world. Thank you for your support.


If you need to get rid of old outdated NFPA equipment and don’t know what to do with it please contact us before you throw it away.