WATCHUNG, NJ - Somerset and Union Counties were hit with ferocious thunderstorms this afternoon causing significant flash flooding all along the Route 22 corridor. Sections of Route  22 flooded stranding residents for miles in both directions. The Weldon quarry has experienced a partial wall collapse, and there are reports that the fast moving waters off the mountains have caused sections of roadways on and around Route 22 to be washed out.

Weldon Materials located at New Providence Road experienced a collapse of a retaining wall. The wall collapse crushed a number of employee cars located at the Weldon Materials' quarry site.

Standing water and flooded exits have caused miles long backup on Route 78 westbound.

Watchung Police have advised that Route 22 in Watchung is gridlocked in both directions. There are no detours. Avoid the area and do not drive into standing water.