CLARK, NJ – The suspect arrested in Thursday’s Schuyler Drive burglary was identified on the Clark Police Department Facebook page as Eric Chester, 54, of Plainfield, NJ, a “self-employed prophet and seer.”  

According to Chester’s blog,, he is a member of the "Prophetic Order Of Mar Elijah" (POME) since 1997 and currently serves as a Temple Seer. 

“Prophet Chester has always felt the strong presence of God in his life and the call of the prophetic,” the page states. “Because of the enlightened teachings of the Master Prophet - Prophet Chester has experienced God at new dimensions and at many different levels.”

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He attended Science High School [Newark, NJ], earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked at “several major corporations” as a network analyst, network engineer and project manager, according to biographical information posted to the blog.

He served, with his wife, as a director of the Zoe Children's Church and Youth Overseers. “This was truly a rewarding season as they were giving a unique opportunity to plant seeds of truth into the fertile minds of what soon will be third generation Zoe prophets,” the page states.

Chester was arrested and charged with burglary, assault on police, resisting arrest and theft after he was found in a Schuyler Drive home. 

According to the CPD Facebook post, “police arrived and confronted the suspect as he made several attempts [to] exit the home through different doors and windows. The suspect then exited through a sliding glass door and jumped off the rear deck and fled through the rear yard. Officers pursued and tackled the suspect as he attempted to scale a fence.”

Chester ultimately was taken to the Union County Jail where he was held on $40,000 bail. 

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