GREEN BROOK, NJ - Dr. Michelle Previtera and Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Shaw, candidates for Green Brook Township committee, have been hard at work meeting and listening to voters, while sharing their credentials to be effective leaders of the community.

Dr. Previtera works as a research scientist studying the brain and diseases which affect it. “As a scientist, you must gather information, analyze the data and come up with fact based conclusions. As a researcher, I have to think outside the box and explore solutions not thought of before. I believe these qualities will have a positive impact to the community’s government, and I seek the Township Committee seat to make a difference in the town using these skills” said Michelle. While away from the job, Michelle enjoys time with her husband and son.

Lawrence “Larry” Shaw is a retired business professional with a background in running his own successful large warehouse operation in Edison, and as an investment advisor.  “Running my own business gave me a good perspective of making budgeting choices which produce the most efficient results. Now that I am retired, I can use this expertise and dedicate time to giving back to my community that I have loved living in for the past 18 years” Larry commented. Larry is passionate about reinvigorating the Economic Development Committee and proactively pursuing businesses to set up shop in Green Brook. “We are on a major economic corridor being on Route 22, and we need to harness this asset and make it work to benefit our residents through convenient businesses families seek out, and economic ratables to strengthen our tax base” Larry stated. On his free time, Larry looks forward to time with his granddaughters and wife.

“Our goal together” Michelle stated “is to give back to our community and try our best to keep Green Brook an environmentally clean, economically thriving and safe place to live, work and recreate. We hope we earn the votes of the community so we may have an opportunity to do so.”