NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -- Voters in New Jersey have a chance to select candidates for the fall general election today.  Polls opened at six am, and will close at 8 pm.  Only voters who have never affiliated with a party or are registered as Demcorats or Republicans can vote in this primary. 

Participation in primary elections is usually quite light, and just a few people can make a difference in a local or county primary.

New Jersey has closed primaries, meaning that only people who have registered with the Democratic or Republican parties can vote in a primary.  Registered voters who are unaffiliated can select a party on primary day at the polls and then vote in that party’s primary.

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In North Plainfield and Green Brook there are two contested primaries, both on the Republican side for national office.

Senator Cory Booker is running unopposed in the Democratic Primary for US Senate, while the Republicans have four candidates on the ballot: Jeff Bell; Brian Goldberg; Rich Pezzullo; and Murray Sabrin.

In the House of Representatives race for the 7th District Congressman Leonard Lance is being challenged by David Larson, while Democrat Janice Kovach is running unopposed.

For two Somerset County Freeholder seats current Freeholders Peter Palmer and Bob Zaborowski are unopposed on the Republican side, and Tony Pranzatelli and Joan Pritchard are unopposed on the Democratic ballot.

In Green Brook both parties have uncontested primaries for two seats on the Township Committee, with Committeewoman Nancy Stoll in the Republican primary and David Breen and Eddie Pfiefer running in the Democratic primary.

In North Plainfield both parties have uncontested primaries for four seats on the Borough Council.  The Democrats have Council President Douglas Singleterry, Councilmen Larry LaRonde and Everett Merrill, and Wendy Schaeffer on the ballot unopposed.  The Republicans have former Mayor Michael Haggerty, former Council President Jim McGarry, Yvonne Fisher and Henry Stoner on the ballot unopposed.