This is a copy of a letter to the head of roads for Somerset County. I gave up trying to get a reply from NP police or traffic.


Dear Mr. Russo;


This is my fourth attempt to reach you. I have written three emails to you and neither received an acknowledgment or reply from you. I am now trying the postal mail.

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I have lived at 234 Watchung Avenue in the North Plainfield Borough for 27 years and every year the amount of traffic, type of traffic, and speed of traffic has increased precipitously. The most concerning type of traffic is tractor trailers, oversized box trucks, and oversized construction dump trucks. These vehicles (especially tractor trailers) begin traveling north on Watchung Avenue from approximately Front Street to Route 22 at 4:30-5:00 AM until about noon. They then pick up again from Route 22 on Watchung Avenue south approximately 3:00 PM for many hours.


I sat on my front porch very early one morning and counted 15 tractor trailers within 30 minutes. Watchung Avenue in North Plainfield Borough (a small sleepy suburban town) is a narrow two lane COUNTY road with parking on both sides making it even narrower. This road was never meant to carry tractor trailers or oversized vehicles. In addition to this is that these trucks DO NOT abide the 25 MPH speed limit nor stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. For that matter, NO ONE respects this speed limit at all. Speeding is a huge problem. The noise volume is off the charts deafening.


Pedestrians are NOT respected in crosswalks or corners without crosswalks and cannot cross until there is a break or someone, rarely, stops to allow them to cross. There are many school children who cross this road and they are NOT respected in crosswalks at all when they try to cross. Last year two preteens (one my neighbor) were walking home on this dangerous road and were crossing within the crosswalk when a driver did not stop and hit one of the girls!! Thank God she only had moderate injuries but both girls have been very traumatized by this event.

These are all very serious problems and dangers for our neighborhood and town. Something needs to be done to assess how this road can be changed from a pseudo super highway back to a small two lane neighborhood road. I have not even referred to the ridiculous number of accidents on this road which are weekly occurrences.

I would greatly appreciate a response to this letter and to not be ignored again.

Thank You.




Barbara Ponter