NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -- Just two weeks after North Plainfield held its Clean Community Day a resident of Rockview Avenue was caught on Sunday by a neighbor and the police throwing a cushion into the Stony Brook.  

Police Officer James Garafalo issued a summons for illegal dumping to 55 year-old Jorge Carrerra Gutierrez around lunchtime Sunday.

A Junior Girl Scout troop volunteered a good part of Saturday, May 3 collecting trash like this cushion from Green Acres Park, picking up a half dozen contractor bags worth of garbage.  The litter not only makes the brook and park look bad, but also create blockages and increase the potential for flooding at chokepoints such as bridges or bends in the creekbed.

"It's disappointing that people continue to trash our brooks with little regard for others," said Betsy Gomes, who volunteered with her two children to clean the park. "It sends a terrible message to our kids when we bring them out to clean, and then adults keep tossing litter like this."