Spring was a busy month for the local Rotary Club of the Plainfields, with five new members joining the oldest service club of the three Plainfields.

Rev. Joyce Scheyer, priest-in-charge at Grace Episcopal Church in Plainfield, joined the club after receiving an invitation from Club Secretary Michael Townley. She was familiar with Rotary because her father had been a Rotarian and has already participated in the club’s Scholarship Program and the Youth Service Track and Field Meet Project as Coordinator for the Long Jump events.

Michelle Vella, Assistant Superintendent of Schools in North Plainfield, who is currently serving as Acting Superintendent, joined the club as a representative of the school district. The Rotary Club has a long-standing relationship with North Plainfield School District, working cooperatively to host the Interact Club at North Plainfield High School.

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Eugene Mitchell, Branch Manager of Unity Bank on Somerset Street in North Plainfield, came over to the local Rotary club from his membership in the Rotary Club of Union where he previously was employed in the same capacity for another bank. Eugene played a key role in the club’s recent Wine Tasting Dinner, using his humor and friendly persona while awarding door prizes to lucky recipients. He also participated in the club’s Track and Field Meet, serving as a timer in the track events.

Aturo Cousar, Branch Manager at Investors Bank in Plainfield, more recently joined the club. She was invited by Eugene Mitchell with whom she was acquainted in his prior bank position.

Lt. Dante Cox of the Salvation Army in Plainfield joined the club along with his wife Lt. Monica Cox in a dual capacity, allowing either to attend meetings and participate in club events. Due to their own service project of feeding the hungry, it is difficult for them to attend Wednesday meetings, but Lt. Dante has been a regular at the monthly Social Hour at The Coffee Box on the first Wednesday of each month, where he brings canned food for the club’s Star Fish Food Pantry Support Project.

The Rotary Club of Plainfield-North Plainfield, founded in 1921, has served the community for over 97 years. Members are community and business leaders in the area who meet weekly on Wednesdays at 12:15 pm at Giovanna’s Restaurant in Plainfield. Come to Giovanna’s any Wednesday (except the first Wednesday) to learn more about how you can join or support this great service club. On the first Wednesday, gather for a Social Hour at The Coffee Box, 1354 South Avenue, at 8:30 a.m. for coffee and pastry and to chat with club members.

Contact Michael Townley, club secretary, at PNProtary@gmail.com for additional information about the Rotary Club, and its activities or to inquire about membership, or visit the Club’s website at www.rotarypnp.org.