NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - What do scientists observe?  What do scientists ask?  What makes good questions?  These were the questions Kindergarten Scientists engaged in as they practiced thinking, questioning, and observing science through a series of scientific investigations.  On February 22, 2016, West End’s monthly Kindergarten curriculum day was held.  This time, students were joined by Somerset School’s Sixth Grade Scientists and their teachers for an experience of a lifetime.  West End Kindergarten teachers, Nancy Lubreski, Dr. Durkin, Marlo Matthews and Patty Russell in collaboration with Somerset’s science teachers, Colleen Strickland and Sue Kagan facilitated this educational and fun-filled event.  

Somerset School’s sixth grade students Jenny Sanon, Jason Melendez, Julia Gomes, Abdon Andahur, Amber Rodriguez, Liam Alvarado,Madison Kasper, Habiba Khamis, Bruce Palush, Sarah Mohamed, Nicole Lindemeyer, Betsy Murillo, Sean Rassa, Jordan Bird, Adam Stevens, Daniel Barriga, Nala King, Raquel Kruszczynski, Bhavya Patel, and Kevin Estrella developed scientific inquiry by introducing Kindergarten students to hands on science activities.  

Sixth grade students facilitated the activity by modeling, and assisting Kindergartens’ in making slime, creating and exploring tornadoes in a bottle, using the microscope to examine rocks and minerals, and making fossils.  Sixth grade students demonstrated great communication skills and knowledge as they answered questions and provided students with scientific facts and explanations.  Kindergarten students are looking forward to March’s Curriculum Day where they will continue to explore science through a multidisciplinary activities involving literacy and math.