NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -- The extended weekend East End students woke to this morning thanks to a gas leak on school property is likely over by tomorrow, said district Superintendent James V. McLaughlin.  

"PSE&G told us that they'll likely have the leak fixed by the end of today," said McLaughlin. "So we expect East End to be open tomorrow."

As of the early afternoon there is still a smell of gas at the school, extending from the leak near the south entrance to the back of the property by the tennis courts.  The gas is diffuse enough that it is no threat of exploding, and a PSE&G crew was on site making repairs at 2 pm.

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PSE&G spokewsoman Kara Johnson said that they received a call from an East End custodian yesterday about a gas smell in the area of the school, and sent a crew out to investigate.
"Our crew investigated the smell and determined there was a minor trace of gas," said Johnson. "We advised the maintenance person that there was no need to close to school, but that was a decision was made by the school district." 

McLaughlin said the school may have been safe, but the district wasn't going to risk the safety of its students if there was any chance they could be harmed. He said while the gas company had said there was minimal risk, they didn't have a crew on site until too late to start school.

"We had to make a decision based on the safety of the kids, and make it early in the morning," said McLaughlin. "PSE&G didn't have a crew on site until 6:30 this morning, and we had to notify the families before that so we decided to close the school."